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Support the Push for Kratom Legislation in Florida

The Florida legislature passes next step for regulation of kratom leading to what experts say could have other states quickly following suit Recently Florida has become controversial in the kratom world due to a push to legislate Mitragyna Speciosa, also known as kratom. Experts cite the drug as not dangerous, and issues occur only when laced with dangerous chemicals from bad actors. To help combat the problem Florida is considering regulating ...

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Updates on the KCPA (Kratom Consumer Protection Act)

Each year, the legal status of Kratom evolves as new laws and regulations governing how it may and cannot be marketed in the United States are passed. Each state has its own set of regulations on this issue, so some jurisdictions regulate and protect Kratom, while others make it outright illegal to sell or consume. Kratom advocacy groups are working on getting legislation as the Kratom Consumer Protect Act passed nationwide. ...

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Finding Pure Kratom: Some Suggestions from the Kraken

Kratom enthusiasts across the nation get their Kratom from numerous suppliers. However, how do you know that the Kratom is pure and authentic, unadulterated, and high-quality? It may be challenging to know what is genuine Kratom in the industry. Which sellers should you purchase from? What are the best ways to choose among them? What should you look for when evaluating different Kratom sellers?  Standards for safety are rapidly becoming more commonplace ...

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