KCPA Passed for the Second Time by Oregon, What’s Next?

Kratom advocacy organizations have worked together to establish Kratom Consumer Protection laws for the last several years to ensure the industry’s safety and provide vendors, suppliers, and consumers legal protection.

Oregon governor vetoed a KCPA bill otherwise nearly unanimously approved by legislature last year but this year advocates worked tirelessly to ensure she would not do it a second time.

Oregon Now:

The State Senate of Oregon passed bill OR HB4010 on March 3, 2022 which is otherwise known as Oregon’s KCPA. Changes were made to the current rendition to circumvent the issues which caused Governor Kate Brown to veto its predecessor last year.

All those involved with Kratom and striving for its protection and success know that regulation and mandates are a necessary part of its long-term survivability in the country as well as ensuring its continued safety and legality.

The 2022 version of the bill states that processors of Kratom be registered with the Department of Revenue. This will ensure things such as testing mandates are enforced. It also ensures that consumers can legally, and safely, purchase Kratom in the state of Oregon. It was unanimously passed with a vote of 26-0. Governor Brown signed the bill into law on March 23, 2022.

A Review of KCPA

In the event you are not up to date with the latest in Kratom regulations and policies, you may be unaware of the KCPA laws and their impact on the community.

The Kratom Consumer Protect Act provides regulatory guidelines to ensure Kratom vendors and processors are maintaining safe, sanitary environments and that these products pass strict quality assurance testing. They also include regulations regarding third party record keeping, laboratory testing, and consumer notification labels. This collection of safety measures provide clean, unadulterated products to consumers.

The Future of Kratom:

KCPA, House Bill 4010, helps protect Kratom consumers by prohibiting sales by unregistered processors. This standard of quality, as it spreads to more and more states, will grow the strength of the Kratom community as well as its scale of distribution.

KCPA for You!

We are proud to back the Oregon KCPA bill. Working tirelessly alongside organizations such as the American Kratom Association, we have all been gaining ground in making sure the industry establishes safety guidelines and rules for Kratom distribution. The KCPA bill is a milestone achievement in that pursuit.

Every day Kratom supporters are working on the movement, you can see KCPA laws being passed in states all across the country. If you’re looking to become more involved in this movement, consider becoming an advocate and help create these changes.

Get Involved, Advocate!

Now is a great time to get involved with the progression of Kratom being a legal, safe, consumable product held to the highest standards across the US. You can submit testimonies, your personal stories of how Kratom has been a positive contribution to your life; you can write to your legislators, making certain that they are rightly educated about the science of Kratom and showing your support. Reach out to the American Kratom Associate or your local organizations to learn how you can help this movement.

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