Author: Charlene

Top Kratom Company, MIT45, Honored as a Top Innovator of 2022 in Large Publication

It appears kratom is going mainstream as companies in the industry are beginning to break the mold and get widespread acceptance. Thanks to the work by the American Kratom Association and companies such as MIT45, we are seeing progress of the widespread acceptance of this plant. The most recent case of this was MIT45 was honored as a top 3 innovator of 2022 with the implementation of digital sales cards. The ...

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Alkaloids: An Essential Element of the Kratom plant

Everything we consume and put into our bodies contains various substances that form one product. Alkaloids are an example of a topic that is rarely studied in depth.  Although alkaloids can be found in many items like drinks, food, and medicines, that doesn't mean they're common knowledge to the general public. It's more usual to see the alkaloid identified with a specific name instead of what it is. Kratom comprises a range ...

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